The Great Lakes NOLA Dry Field System completely eliminates saliva and fully exposes both dental arches making it ideal for all bonding applications. The System is easy to assemble and can be inserted and used by a single operator. This is best solution for keeping the lips and cheeks and lips out of the way during procedures. Unfortunately there is one issue that with some patients, their lips will fall out of the appliance.

Watch the video below for Comfort Solutions very simple and cost effective solution to keep this from happening ever again! All of the required products can be purchased from your preferred orthodontic supplier.

We take the “OUCH” out of Orthodontics!

Comfort Solutions Caps were first inspired when the use of Herbst & Spring Appliances became popular. As a Certified Dental Assistant, I found our office received increased emergency calls related to the discomfort and sores caused by these attachments. At the time the only solution was to tie cotton rolls onto the rods, as wax does not stick to the parts.

We needed to find a solution that was more effective than the traditional means, this led us to the invention of Comfort Caps, Bumpers and Wraps. At first we started applying them only during emergency appointments, but after seeing how well the patient’s healed, we made the decision to put them on all of our patients during the time of cementing. Who would have guessed there would be a low-cost, easy solution to such a huge problem.

Within a short time of treating all of our patients with Comfort Caps, we had a dramatic reduction in emergency calls and found that our patients quickly and comfortably adapted to their new appliances.

Comfort Solutions Caps, Bumpers and Wraps are available for many popular appliances so now is the time to start using them in your office. Reduce unnecessary wasted time, frustrated parents and emergency calls and replace them with something as simple as Comfort Solutions.

Sandra Ipsen
CDA, Ortho